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If your story is not being told, Tell It Yourself!
If your story is being told with a negative narrative, Change The Narrative Yourself!

Excited to have partnered with Pelican Broadcasting Network to Tell Our Story and to Change The Negative Narrative about our communities and the sports that make a positive impact on our Youth.

The partnership will provide opportunities to deliver an inside look at our student-athletes in their element to a regional audience. We will be able to deliver positive programming and marketing to our communities and beyond.

With this partnership, we will be introducing our Mass Communication program that allows our older student-athletes to get a working knowledge of video production, media equipment, journalism, photography, and videography through hands on training. Accompanying our current live streaming statistics of our team sports programs, our new Mass Communication offering will give our student-athletes additional options to further pursue careers in sports long after their playing days.

The goal of LYSN Media Group is to train youth in a variety of aspects in the mass communication industry. To train youth to use tools of communication – writing, videography, video production, editing, reporting, graphic design, audio production, radio broadcasting, photography, and production technology.

The program is designed as a career development program for youth interested in future careers in mass communication and an alternative involvement in sports other than as an athlete. Providing the youth with the tools needed to reach their full potential.


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    Television and on-demand streaming broadcasts of weekly sports talk shows and select youth sporting events.


    LYSN Radio

    Radio broadcasting of youth sports talk shows and important sports topics pertaining to today's sports parents and athletes. Including Podcasts for on-demand access.


    LYSN Photography

    Aerial and action photography of live youth sporting events.


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